Saturday, February 14

Rodeo day at preschool

This is the face I get most of the time I pull out the camera. This was the "cowboy" lunch at school, definitely a special occasion. When given this plate of food, both of the boys ate the oreos and cheetos as fast as they could and wouldn't touch the rest. There was an extra plate and Isaac was so excited about being a part of the class lunch. He loves E's school and is so excited that in the fall he gets to go, we just registered him for next year. On our ride around the Flying L Ranch in Bandera. Our own Uncle Mike was giving the tour and the boys loved getting to see all the dear running around. On another note...can you believe in 6 short months...Elijah is starting kindergarten! I am so excited for him because he is so excited, he has loved preschool and keeps saying all the time, "I get to go to school every day and no more rest time, yeah!!"

Sunday, February 1

Holidays in a nutshell...

So no updates in the last few months has led to this quick summary of the holidays... Jimmy's little niece Mariana, she is precious! The boy's Star Wars phase continues, but it made Christmas easy. As long as they got something star wars, everything else could have been trash and they wouldn't have cared. We got the boys out of bed one night to go look at Christmas lights. They thought it was cool for the first 30-45 minutes. Rosey's sisters and cousins. Together for Christmas fun and the Springers! Jimmy, Isaac and Elijah, with Rosey's brother, cousins, and Chance!

Sunday, November 9


Family Zoo Trip

Isaac hanging like a monkey
Morgan & Isaac brushing a goat
Jimmy & Justin being silly

Elijah playing soccer

Tuesday, September 16

Birthday party @ Chuck E Cheese

The birthday party went great, not one person couldn't make it, everyone we invited came! Elijah was so excited! We had 18 kids! You can probably tell that Star Wars is our obsession. It all started a couple months ago when we bought Lego Star Wars for him & Dad to play on the Xbox. He loves it and was so excited to get all the SW stuff he has been wanting.
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Elijah's 5th birthday

I can't believe my little guy is 5! Where has the time gone? I love him so much, he is such a great kid. We have had a few days of celebrating now, today is his actual birthday. We had a birthday party with family & friends on Sunday at Chuck E Cheese, Aunt Laura & Uncle John came in yesterday for his bday and celebrated last night (got to have cupcakes at school too with all of his school friends) & today we celebrated him all day long. Needless to say, he's loving it! I have to go through my pics, it will probably span a few posts.

Saturday, September 13

The Locator

While flipping channels last night between watching the Hurricane Ike coverage I came across this show. It is a show that reunites people that have been missing for years. Two shows were on back to back and I was fascinated. One of the stories was about a girl born in 1979 in Garland, TX (just like myself) to a 16 yr. old mother (not this part). Her grandmother forced her mother to give her up for adoption but she actually went to a nurse at the hospital that was a friend of her grandmother's. At 3 days old this woman fled with her to Minnesota under a private adoption. She is now my age and has no information on her birth mother. They find her mother and come to find out she has two full blood sisters and a father. (The mom & dad are now divorced) To watch the reuniting is amazing, I can't even imagine finding out your mom & dad had children a few years later that they kept and you have missed out on everything all these years. Wow! Anyways pretty interesting reality television, check it out here.

Wednesday, September 10

Hurricane Ike--please don't ruin my son's birthday party on Sunday. He will be so sad if we have to cancel it.

Tuesday, September 9

Elijah is back in school....

So mature.
Elijah & one of his buddies, Caleb
Elijah & his teacher, Mrs. Cuthbert I can't believe that next year he will be in Kindergarten! WOW! His birthday being Sept. 16th, in TX you don't have a choice whether or not to start Kinder this year, Sept. 1st is the cut off. He will always be the oldest in the class and from everything I have heard, this is a good thing for a boy. He attends 3 days a week and loves it. He is beginning to read and it is so funny as I spell things to Jimmy trying to disguise what I am referring to and he catches on! This is a great school and I plan to send Isaac next year.
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Fiesta Farm

Whitney & I joined my neighborhood playgroup at this farm and had a great time. Isaac was a little unsure of the pony until he saw Micah & Emmie ride. Doesn't she look cute!

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